Reputation is your most important intangible asset, but the most vulnerable.



How to build your reputation, how to manage it in times of growth, how to manage it in times of change, how to manage it during a crisis and after the crisis, is what our founder Stéphane Prud'homme is doing for more than 20 years, here in Canada and abroad.


Reputation & Co. is a strategic communications agency that brings together consultants in Joliette, Montreal, Hong Kong, and Beijing. We are all specialized in reputation management and crisis management.


We have worked with SMEs and large companies, charities, and US universities, in Quebec, Canada, China, and Southeast Asia in the past. We speak French, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Reputation and Co. offers strategic and advisory services tailored to the needs of your business or organization as well as fees modulated due to financial reality. We also offer reputation management services before, during, and after a crisis.


Visit our Services page for more details. Contact us and let us convince you how we can contribute to your success.



Remember, your brand is crucial, but your reputation makes all the difference.


































































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